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"Today, a global dialogue is not only international forums and meetings. Through interactive communication, it involves an increasing number of people around the world. The idea and format of G-GLOBAL in this regard open up new opportunities for global understanding and tolerance. " N.А. Nazarbayev
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Инфо-коммуникативная платформа G-Global – www.group-global.org
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Global Silk Road Acc is a multi-level and multi-vector integration format, an international platform for searching for ways of favorable development in various spheres of life
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Decentralized cross-border
p2p loans ecosystem

China Chamber of International Commerce Eyes the Enticing Benefits of Blockchain

Mile Unity Foundation (MUF) recently conducted an official meeting with the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) to discuss the benefits of blockchain technology and, specifically, the MILE stablecoin.

Mile Unity Will Bring Blockchain to Kazakhstan

Mile Unity Foundation to launch several pilot projects to integrate blockchain into the Kazakhstan economy

Blockchain Will Be Used In The Digital Silk Road

Mile Unity Foundation discussed integration of blockchain technology in real economy with China’s SRCIC


Project support

Participation and support of projects on terms of project office, project financing and PPP projects;

Representation of interests

Representation of interests in the republican and international organizations, as well as in the state bodies of the countries along the route of the Silk Road.

Cooperation with organizations and state bodies

Cooperation with international public organizations and state bodies of countries along the Silk Road route.

Involvement of partners and investors

Cooperation to attract potential financial partners, investors and sponsors.

Legal assistance, outsourcing

Providing legal, consulting assistance to partners, outsourcing services.

Conducting forums and seminars

Organization and holding of training seminars, forums, conferences for the exchange of experience.

Promotion of the green economy

Integration of knowledge, world experience, organizational capacity, public and legal initiatives to promote the projects of the Global Silk Road, the "green" and low-carbon economy.

The Global Silk Road Project Database

Creation of information and analytical base of projects, problems and issues of the Global Silk Road and preparation of recommendations for their solutions.

Map of the Silk Road


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